Glasgow Comedy Festival

The Unmissable Characters Coming to WMGICF 2020!

With only a week to go until the Whyte & Mackay Glasgow International Comedy Festival we're highlighting the kooky characters taking the stage in Glasgow this March! 

Richard Hanrahan: 'An Audience With...' That Never Was, But Is, 'An Audience With... Jimmy Whobblers' (With Jimmy Whobblers)

Showbiz stalwart and 'Wheezing Dragon Best Newcomer' (1980 & 1982), Whobblers returns after a five-star fringe run with one last debut show. 

Using 'staggeringly unrealistic' 3D holographic technology, this macabre cash-grab features stories about childhood, rubbing shoulders with the greats and his notorious death in 2008.

The State Bar

Saturday 21 March, 8pm


Simon Munnery: Alan Parker Urban Warrior Farewell Tour

Multi award-winning comedian Simon Munnery reprises his notorious alter ego, the bedsit anarchist Alan Parker Urban Warrior.

Once the most radical, now the only radical, Alan returns with the old gold, the old truths, and some of the new truths (based on the old truths).

The Stand Comedy Club

Wednesday 18 March, 7:30pm


Andrew Sim: Linda & the Little Scottish Boy

One body, two minds.

One is a young impressionable Scottish boy, filled with silliness and ridiculous thoughts. The other a demented and messed up soul from the past who's here to shake things up.

The State Bar

Friday 27 March, 8pm


Big Angie: Me, the Polis & the Priest

Glesga's Big Darlin' Big Angie is back and blazing a trail - through men, botox, big lips and the law!

From her days as a young halcyon in Glasgow's East End - dreaded and admired as 'Bulletproof Balls' by the infamous Strathclyde Police - to growing up as a half-reformed character with a quarter bottle of madness in her back pocket!

Saint Luke's

Thursday 26 March, 8pm


John Shuttleworth's Back!

Years of strenuous DIY, not to mention playuing his organ whilst perched upon a multi pack of Diet Sprite with no lumber support, has taken its toll.

But - ever the trouper - John returns to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival to regale audiences with an evening of his classic songs (plus new ones and hilarious 'back' stories), pausing only to reapply his deep heat rub!

King's Theatre

Sunday 17 March, 7:30pm


Myra Dubois: Dead Funny

Realising that she stands to miss out on the most attention she'll ever receive in one sitting, the 'acid-tongued and funny to the bone' Myra DuBois brings forward her own funeral to make sure people get it right!

With songs by Richard Thomas all wrapped up in Myra's trademark acerbic wit.

The Stand Comedy Club

Saturday 21 March, 6pm


Clinton Baptiste: The Paranormalist Returns

The world-renowned clairvoyant, medium and psychic is back!

Join this paranormal sensation as he takes you on a hilarious yet touching journey through his life, out the other side and beyond the Celestial Curtains.

Glasgow Glee Club

Thursday 12 March, 7pm


Bob Doolally: Football Legend

He's the man who put the foot into football. The legendary ex-manager-cum-pundit is back with some more outrageous drink-fuelled opinions on the state of the modern game.

As Scottish football descends from pantomime to farce via melodrama, expect some left-field comments and downright filth.

The Griffin

Saturday 21 March, 8pm


Jesus L'Oreal: Still Nailing It!

The sassy, dyslexic King of the Shoes descends in a cloud of Febreeze to celebrate the launch of his new fitness and well-being video, 'Get The Jordan Look' whilst regaling you with stories about how he came to be the influencer that he is today. 

Whether it be styling tips from the Rivers of Babyliss, or ways to shift a stone doing Pontius Pilates, the ultimate lifestyle guru has a high-octane hour of song, dance and interactive Jehovah’s Fitness to help you flex those Pentecostal muscles and help ensure your position is safe in the kingdom of Hosannadu. 

Tron Theatre

Tuesday 24 March, 9pm