Glasgow Comedy Festival

President Obonjo: The Rise of a Comedy Dictator

IDI Amin Dada’s fictional Son – President Obonjo brings a show to Scotland  - The Rise of a Comedy Dictator. 

I have no idea what my father would have thought, if he was alive today, knowing fully well he never supported my career in comedy growing up. I recall telling him I wanted to be a comedian, and he screamed back at me, I want you to be leader of a nation, just like him, a President. My father wanted me to be leader of a great nation, maybe if he was not deposed I could have been President of Uganda. You could argue I met his dreams in a way; I did almost that by creating my own nation Lafta Republic. Unlike my father, I did not depose a democratically elected leader to become President, but I did take inspiration from my father and President Obama to create the character President Obonjo, which is well known in the UK Comedy circuit.

My late father was a former British cook, he loved Scotland and he once proposed marriage to Princess Anne as a way of patching up relations between Britain and Uganda. My father made state visits to Britain in 1971 and 1972, during which he enjoyed a ceremonial trip to Edinburgh and dinner in London with the Queen. On the silver anniversary of the Queen’s coronation, my father asked her to send him her "25-year-old knickers" to mark the celebrations. My father was very funny.

It is also well documented that my late father knew the Scottish were unhappy with the British, and he wanted Scotland to join Uganda and gain independence. It’s ironic to note so many years later that Scotland is still unhappy with Britain, maybe there will be an opportunity to meet Nicola Sturgeon and I can offer Scotland the opportunity to join Lafta Republic.

I think my late father would have made a good comedian, his buffoonery made him a favourite subject of satirists, comedians and the tabloids they dubbed him - Big Daddy. My father‘s excesses were hardly taken seriously. I am surprised how the creation of my character President Obonjo is compared to my late father’s and his dictatorship, it’s laughable that despite creating an imaginary nation on stage it seems very real to audiences I have played to over the years in the United Kingdom.

I love performing in Scotland, and I had a successful run in August 2015, with my show President Obonjo stole my identity rated as a five star show.

My new show –  The Rise of a Comedy Dictator is very timely with the current state of world affairs and with the rise of Donald Trump, dictatorship is the new kind of politics.

I think my father would have been so proud of me, that I have brought a second show to Scotland, I know he will be with me in spirit. 


President Obonjo brings ‘The Rise of a Comedy Dictator’ to Yesbar on the 26 March. GET TICKETS HERE!