Glasgow Comedy Festival

Nev: The End

As of the time of writing the world hasn’t ended yet… In these times of constant apocalyptic predictions filling our social media timelines it’s hard not to be slightly disappointed.

Perhaps more pressingly, as of the time of writing my latest show Doom has no ending.

I could pretend that this is a stylistic choice, reflecting on the main concern of the proceeding hour and the uncertain nature of the times we live in (ooh topical…) but that would be a lie.

But how does one end a stand up show?

Traditionally one ends a stand up show with either (i) A political statement (ii) A song or (iii) a call-back. These are all tried and tested narratively satisfying methods to end a show.

The thing is Doom is my 7th hour of stand up. I’ve done 6 endings already, so I’m looking for a new conclusion. In order my previous show endings were;

  1. A political statement  
  2. 2. A political song
  3. 3. A song
  4. 4. A call-back
  5. 5. A political statement call-back

Now, at this stage you might be asking; “Nev might there actually be some mileage in calling attention to the typical show endings in stand up, as you’re so doing in this very article?” 

It’s a good question dear reader but unfortunately I can’t do this as last years’ fringe show ended thus; 

6. A meta-contextual deconstruction of the tropes of a stand up ending song.

So I’m in a bit of a pickle with Doom. How do I end a show about The End?

I need something spectacular. Ideally I’d like at around 57mins I’d like to spontaneously combust. Although admittedly this may cause issues when looking for an intro to hour # 8.

I might try a joke. 


Nev: Doom (22nd March, McPhabbs, 9.30pm) - TICKETS HERE

You Only Hurt the Ones You Love Part Deux (26th March, McPhabbs, 8.00pm) - TICKETS HERE