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Described as “Sex and the City meets The Inbetweeners” and “a modern version of The Young Ones.” The Graduettes centres around three girls, their lesser halves, and the ridiculous disasters they get themselves into. 

With a web series launching on the 20th February and a live comedy play at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival in March, The Graduettes have some busy times ahead.

The play, subtitled “Finding Rachel”, takes place over a couple of days spent in the wilderness of Scotland. (no, not Paisley). Sophie is pregnant to a guy she barely knows (Andrew) and having made the decision to keep the baby, she has been having nightmares recently about her ability to be a mother. These fears are made worse when she discovers her best friend Rachel has disappeared in the night, gone off to “find herself”. Sophie decides that the group should all set off into the woods to Rachel’s parent’s cabin to find her friend and bring her back home.

“Setting this particular story in the woods obviously brings with it, a certain amount of problems, we can’t exactly build an entire forest in the backroom of the Dram! However, last year we managed to convince the audience they were in a hospital with no set and limited props so if we tell the story right and the actors can pull it off, I’m confident we can emerce the audience into the world of the story. It helps that we have characters in ridiculous bear costumes and shellsuits to take their minds off the lack of actual trees.” - Sean Wilkie (writer/director)

And last summer the makers of The Graduettes produced a six-episode web series, filmed over two weekends, six days in total. Coatbridge born writer and director Sean Wilkie has been editing the episodes whilst studying his MA in TV FIction Writing at Caledonian University. The finished episodes range in length from 4 mins to 10 mins and the entire series will be released on YouTube on the 20th February as one playlist.

 “We have this culture now where graduates aren’t guaranteed a job and so they get stuck in this party mentality. I thought it would be fun to take that to the absolute maximum of ridiculousness. When you take this social group who have total disregard for the consequences of their actions and give them real life problems like pregnancy, religion and a serious illness - you open up a whole new world of disastrous possibilities.” - Sean Wilkie (writer/director)

The show was first performed as a live sitcom performance entitled “The Girls Solve a Murder” at Webster’s Theatre in Glasgow in 2014 and went on to play at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2015. Another episode of the show, featuring the same characters in a different stand alone storyline entitled “Rachel Gets Married” was performed last year at the 2016 Glasgow International Comedy Festival to a packed out audience and went on to the finals of the 2016 Sitcom Trials: So You Think You Write Funny competition.

“The Graduettes is exciting, it’s fresh, it’s great to work on something where the female characters not only have the most fun but they are the smartest ones in the room. The guys certainly bring their own unique brand of comedy but the emphasis has always been on the three female leads. I like to think of it as a Scottish version of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia nothing is unusual for these guys, nothing is off limits, they live in their own little world and I’m just happy to be a part of it.” - Sean Wilkie (writer/director)

Starring: Jennifer McErlane, Rachel Wile, Ashley Storrie, Neal Stewart Roxburgh, Atta Yaqub, Ross Maxwell, Tony Sloan, Kirsty Morrison, John Gaffney, Flick Allen and Christopher Charles MacDonald.

Created by Sean Wilkie and Jess Burns, Written and Directed by Sean Wilkie, Produced by Chris Somerville and Stephen Wilkie. 

The Graduettes is launched on the There’s Been a Murder Productions YouTube channel and on the Facebook page on the 20th February at 7pm.


Listings: The Graduettes: Finding Rachel is playing at Dram! Woodlands Road Glasgow, G3 6ND from Thursday 23rd March till Saturday 25th March from 7:30pm (60 mins)


Twitter: @The_Graduettes