Glasgow Comedy Festival

David Callaghan: Lets Get This Party Startled

Hello, David here.

I’ve got a lovely show lined up I hope. Here’s the idea, I hope all goes to plan. I’m prepping two shows at the moment, one is a straight stand up show full of ideas and jokes that I’ve spent ages writing and thinking about. Its pretty obvious how that goes, myself standing at a microphone being a bit wry and pretending to have a misunderstanding with a fictional milkman or something, thats how those shows work, you suspend your disbelief, chuckle away, then you go home with a glowing hollow innard. Its a very pleasant way to spend an eve, and that’s more than we can ask for given that there’s a war on or something (I don’t really know what’s happening in the world). I’ll start by talking about my life or where I grew up, then a few jokes about the decline of capitalism, then a heartfelt ending where I kiss a girl who’s been kind to probably a dog (weepy bit). Bosh. Its what tens of people for the last four years have defined as ‘one of Callaghan’s shows’. This sort of thing is my bread and butter. Which is lucky since quitting my other job to do this that’s all I’ve been able to afford to eat.

Then there’s a more nuanced idea that I’m pumping out of the big laugh pipe right now, its a show that’s going to be very hard to do, but I thought I’d have a go anyway. People laughed at Einstein didn’t they? Although that might have been to do with his big silly head. So, the more creative show is basically set around an episode of Taggart that was filmed at my mum’s house in 1996. I’ve decided to remake this episode myself using less expensive actors. Then the audience will have the opportunity to enjoy both bits of the original episode and also my exclusive behind the scenes footage, hopefully with a heavily interactional element using the power of today’s technology. Will this work? Oh god I hope so. Anyway, with a month to go, I’m thinking it will be a touch of both, stand up then the technology thing. You’ll have to come along to see if it’s 50/50, or 60/40, or 9/11.


David Callaghan, 'Lets Get This Party Startled' @ McPhabbs on 20th March, 9.30pm.