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Paul Vickers AKA Mr. Twonkey Favourite Sit-com's Q AND A

1) What are your favourite British TV sitcoms? Please choose up to three and feel free to give reasons

 1. Catterick Best thing Vic and Bob have ever done a northeastern Twin Peaks with a real story and everything.

 2. The Strange World of Gurney Slade Anthony Newley’s bold surreal comedy is unlike anything before or since.

 3. Clarence starring Ronnie Barker I think I had chickenpox when I first watched this so it may have sent me mad but I do recall it been a bit like an English Mr.Magoo.


2) What are your favourite British TV sitcom scenes? 

 1. Vic and Bob’s Weekenders Pilot was such a great sitcom it’s a shame a full series was not commissioned. The best scene is when they go down to the local pub (The Farting Dashboard with Electric Russell playing) and discover in the newspaper that there is a meat festival-taking place (at St. Prontaprint-in-Arndale). They decide to visit the festival, which consists of two tables in an open field. Jim buys a "speciality meat product" from Phil Oakey with consequences I.E the Geordie Aliens want it back to feed their queen.

2. Father Ted’s Fun Fair a haunting scene including The Pond Of Terror, Spinning Cat, The Crane Of Death, Duck Startling and The Tunnel Of Goats.

 3. Patrick Stewarts film ideas in Extra’s, which always end with everyone clothes falling off.


3) Who are your favourite British TV comedy characters? 

1. Papa Lazarou (The League of Gentlemen)

The demonic circus ringmaster and door-to-door salesman who’s after your wife if she’s called Dave which she will be.

2. Father Jack (Father Ted)

Feck,Arse,Girls and Drink need I say more. 

3. Ed Howzer-Black Toast of London’s landlord 

Forever in his dressing gown so mild mannered but funny with it.


 4. Which is your favourite comedy actor or actress in a British sitcom? 

1. Miranda Richardson’s childish Queen Elizabeth the 1st in Blackadder.

2. Andrew Sachs as Manuel in Fawlty Towers a classic. 

3. Dave Spikey in Phoenix Nights low key but perfect.


5.What is your favourite British TV sitcom one liner or catchphrase? 

1. Officer Crabtree’s pigeon English in Allo Allo “I was pissing by the door” or “Good Moaning”.

2. “You’re my wife now, Dave” from Papa Lazarou also stands out.

3. "Yes, I can hear you, Clem Fandango" Toast of London.


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