Glasgow Comedy Festival

Daniel Bester, Christopher KC & Jordan Marshall It Sucks As It Cuts

I have been kindly asked to write a blog in order to sell my show and - more importantly - sell myself to you, respective reader. Well, first and foremost, I must confess I am not very good at selling myself. Probably one of the main reasons why I never got far as a gigolo was down to my lack of salesmanship (although a lack of demand may have drove me out too). But I will give it a go.

So here are a number of reasons to watch my show:


1) It’s only 3 quid for a ticket.

That’s equivalent to a happy meal these days. If you buy a ticket you’ll be guaranteed to be filled with happy memories and laughter! Rather than IBS and an unsatisfying toy that never quite recaptures your childhood.

That’s accounts to roughly 1 pound per act (which is a very affordable rate at this financial climate). And I like to think myself to be more worthwhile than a pack of chewing gum, or nail polish, or some disposable poncho.


2) It’s on a Wednesday

As we all know, Wednesday is the lull of the week. There’s no real animosity attached to it like a Monday nor is it associated with relief and revelry like a Friday or a Saturday. It is like the middle child of the weekdays: Nobody cares about it. No fun anecdote ever started with ‘On a Wednesday the most craziest thing happened!’. Never! Except now! After the show, you can show off to all your workmates: “On Wednesday, the 15th of March I watched the best live performance at McPhabbs - at a very affordable rate at this financial climate.”. And they’ll be jealous because none of their anecdotes take place on a Wednesday.


3) It’s the most progressive line up at the Glasgow International Comedy Festival

The line up is made up of two white males and one Asian, who also happens to be male. That may not sound overtly progressive in this day and age, but because pretty much every stand up comedian is a single, heterosexual, white male, it is probably the most diverse and groundbreaking line up in Glasgow Comedy Festival History. Albeit, I was only asked to do it in order to fulfill the quota under the equality act of 2010, it still doesn’t remove the gloss from this progressive achievement. (And if that is not enough to fulfil your LGBT requirements, one of us looks like a lesbian from the side but I won’t say who and let you guess, you judgemental bastard!)

There is not a lot of representation of Asian people in entertainment. And the few times they are, they are played by a caucasian, possibly under the assumption they can portray an Asian better and it would be insensitive for a Chinese person to put on a Chinese accent. Even in a Monty Python Communist sketch involving Mao Tse Tung, they must’ve thought, ‘How hard could it be to portray the Communist leader? I can do it with my eyes closed!’.

So this is one of the few times you can see an Asian Stand Up being portrayed by an Asian, (unless there is a caucasian actor out there who can play me better than myself, then I might outsource him my stage time).

(Left: if you look really closely, that is actually a white person playing Mao)

If you are someone who is progressive, who is inclined to have a laugh during the midweek lull and willing to do it on a budget, then this show is for you! If you aren’t then why are you still reading this blog! This show isn’t for you!Go watch Cirque Du Soleil at the Hydro instead!

If this blog isn’t enough to sell my show and myself, then I might end up having to literally sell myself, in order to recoup the costs of the show, and work on my salesmanship skills.

Christopher KC

'It Sucks As It Cuts' is on at McPhabbs on the 15th March, 9.30pm. Get tickets for HERE!