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Marc Jennings & Stephen Buchanan: How We Went Viral

You might not have heard of Marc Jennings or Stephen Buchanan before, but chances are you’ve already seen them...

How We Went Viral by Marc Jennings & Stephen Buchanan

In the last few years we’ve written and filmed our own short sketches and stuck them online.  Usually, they’d get anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple dozen views, and in either case the majority of those would just be from us refreshing the page to see if anyone else had watched it.

So you can imagine how excited we were when one of our videos, entitled Scottish Unemployment Video, went insanely viral.  If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch it below:

So just a daft wee sketch, really.  But it started getting a lot of hits.

359,000 on this one:

317,000 on another:

And yet another with a further 100,000:


Between the above and various other pages, it’s been watched close to a million times, or maybe even more.  But the problem is, hardly any of these views, as you might have noticed, were on the original place it started... because these robbing bastards ripped it off our Youtube and stuck it on their own pages!

So not only did this mean that we were missing out on the potentially lucrative Youtube hits, but by taking the video out of context it also meant that a lot of people thought it was a real documentary.

Like this guy, who said:


Or Cameron, who asked:

Sean says:


Actually Sean, we did.

Meanwhile David comments:


Sadly not quite “unbelievable” enough for David not to fall for it.  We feel sorry for him.


Much to our surprise, the video also sparked some lively political debate...


...although perhaps not the kind we were hoping for.

Overall, the span of comments were summed up by this guy, who writes:

We were actually going to include that as a promotional quote for the show, were it not for the fact he’d spelled “genius” wrong.

But as Halby says you can decide for yourselves whether we live up to legendary status, and what better way to do that than by coming along to Jennings & Buchanan: Some Laugh, this Sunday 13th March at 7:15PM in Yesbar?

Better be quick mind you, because we don’t have anywhere close to the amount of tickets left as we’ve had views...


Sunday 13 March, 7.15pm

Marc Jennings & Stephen Buchanan: Some Laugh is on at Yesbar, Sunday 13 March, 7.15pm