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Blog: Jamie Dalgleish - '10 Times I Was So Hungover That'...

Glasgow’s fresh-faced Jamie Dalgleish may not look like your typical drunken punter, but having now spent half his life drinking, he’s had some cracking hangovers… With the Christmas party season fast approaching, take this as a word of warning...

Jamie Dalgleish: 10 Times I Was So Hungover That…

1. I'm suffering from PTSD: Post Traumatic Sesh Disorder.

2. Everytime I hear footsteps in the close I think "Aww naww, it's the Polis, WHAT DID I DO LASTNIGHT"?

3. I just spent 2 hours in the shower. Sitting down.

4. I'm debating whether to phone a Pizza or a hitman for myself.

5. I can actually hear my eyes blinking.

6. I just spent £20 phoning a Salt & Chili Munchy Box there, but then didn't have the energy to answer the door to the Delivery Driver.

7. I've got the breath of a thousand camels.

8. I just spent 6 hours watching the music channel, on mute.

9. I phoned a taxi to take me through McDonald's drive thru.

10. I realised I'd been standing in Asda for 45 minutes and all I had in my trolley was Berocca. And then the tannoy woman kept saying "Could Jamie please report to the checkout, Jamie to checkout number 4 please" and I was like "Help, leave me alone, I don't even work here".


I can actually hear my eyes blinking.
 I can actually hear my eyes blinking. 

Jamie Dalgleish: ‘I Drink Therefore I Am’ at Blackfriar’s Basement, Saturday 26 March 2016 at 7.30pm – book your tickets online or call our box office on 0844 873 7353.