Glasgow Comedy Festival


Richard Hanrahan
Works In Progresses

The State Bar
Sunday 15 March


UPDATE: This event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

All tickets will be refunded. Please contact your point of purchase with any queries.

Richard Hanrahan, ‘Partridge levels of comedic genius’ ***** WeeReview, doesn’t know which of his show ideas to work on so will try out four at once and see what happens.

Small, capable hands. ‘Genre-bending stuff’ ***** The Fountain

Why don’t you just trust him already? ‘definitely one to see’ **** The Skinny

One show might involve creating a new currency, ‘unique and inspired’ Fest,  while another unravels the very fabric of our shared reality ‘Vic and Bob-style slapstick buffoonery’ **** Skinny, and one will probably make most corners of the internet upset, ‘SO BLOODY GOOD’ Lou Sanders.

Done Radio 4 too.