Glasgow Comedy Festival


A Play, A Pie and A Pint
Scurvy Ridden Whale Men by Steven Dick

Òran Mór
Monday 18 March
Tuesday 19 March
Wednesday 20 March
Thursday 21 March
Friday 22 March
Saturday 23 March


Neptune and Peter were crew members on the Viewforth from Kirkcaldy, a whaling ship that became icebound in Baffin Bay, off the coast of Greenland. They were trapped for five months with nothing but ice as far as the eye could see, the men froze, starved and became delirious. Frostbite turned to gangrene and scurvy rotted malnourished limbs.

The Viewforth had only seven men alive when the weather broke and she managed to get free of the ice. Taken to Orkney, Neptune and Peter spent two months recovering in a temporary hospital set up in Mrs Humphrey’s house. Mrs Humphrey’s nursed them back to health.

The play begins on their final day in the house/hospital. They’ll be sailing back to Kirkcaldy at dawn.

It’s a black comedy about three lonely, damaged people…