Glasgow Comedy Festival


Watch Bad Movies with Great Comedians
Freddy Got Fingered

Comedian Tattoo Studio
Wednesday 27 March


Check out this special pop up screening with some extra hysterical live commentary provided by our resident comics and special guests as rip apart the legendary awful movies in front of a live crowd.

Tom Green’s Magnum Opus was the start and end of his film Career in a film much loved for its freakiness as it is hated…We love it…and we feel dirty. With more quotable nonsense than the English Patient, don your Cheese Helmets and sing with us…”Daddy would you like some Sausage!”

Unique, hilarious, interactive Watch Bad movies with Good Comedians one of the most hysterical trips to the cinema you’ll ever have. Act fast last year’s run completely sold out and this one is set to be just the same!

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