Glasgow Comedy Festival


Barbed Wire Tongue

Awestruck Art Gallery
Friday  9 March


Lenny Bruce was an American comedian, social critic, and satirist. Renowned for his open, free-style, critical form of comedy, he integrated satire, politics, religion and sex into his material. He paved the way for future outspoken counterculture-era comedians. In “Barbed Wire Tongue” from acclaimed writer/director Thom McKeown, Bruce is played by accomplished actor Henry Campbell, re-creating this incendiary stand-up pioneer’s style looking at current affairs in the present day.

 ‘Sublime, encapsulating so many facets of contemporary existence. I was laughing, crying, moved, jaw-dropped in amazement and completely immersed.”

‘Great acting and brilliant writing – a potent mix’

Due to unforseen circumstances the only performance of this show will now be on Friday the 9th March. Sorry for any inconvenience.