Glasgow Comedy Festival


Bearpit Podcast (Podcast) Live

Blackfriars Basement
Saturday 17 March


Late night 'cultish' Independent Fringe hit spoof podcast comes to Glasgow. Recorded live on Ipswich FM with Mat Ewins, Richard Gadd, Matt Winning, Fin Taylor and Pat Cahill. Previous guests include Tommy Jumpers, Susan Honk, Tim Hankerplank and Richard Isapotato.

Sponsored by Sipwich, the best beer in Ipswich.

‘Piss’ ThreeWeeks.

‘the laughs, when they do come, are the intense kind that squeeze the air out of your lungs and make your eyes water…but critically one has to ponder the merit of a good two minutes of material that amounted to little more than pointing in disbelief at some giant comedy rubber ears’ BroadwayBaby.