Glasgow Comedy Festival

Comics board Virgin Trains’ Glasgow service to deliver world’s fastest gags

Eight of the UK’s fastest comedians will be delivering gags at 125mph next week as they take on the world’s first high speed rail comedy gig.

The all-star line up from the Glasgow International Comedy Festival will board the 1430 Virgin Trains departure from Euston next Thursday, February 27, before performing a series of rapid-fire comedy sets for passengers on a specially convened comedy carriage.

Hosted by Bruce Devlin, and featuring Patrick Monahan, John Hastings, Damian Clark, Jojo Sutherland, Ray Bradshaw, John Gavin and Phil Nichol, the unusual venue is likely to serve up some laughs ahead of one of the key fixtures on the international comedy circuit.

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival runs from March 14 to April 5 and those attending gigs are entitled to 20% off Advance tickets to and from Glasgow with Virgin Trains.

Sarah Watson, Festival Director, said: “We’ve done gigs in airports, stations and on streets but this is the first time that we’ve tried a comedy set on a train.

“You need nerves of steel to get up on any stage but this is a particularly daunting proposition. Luckily we have some of the best names in the business so we’re guaranteed some laughs on the journey.”

Adrian Varma, Partnerships Manager for Virgin Trains, added: “We’re always up for trying something a bit different at Virgin Trains and this is definitely one of the most unusual events we’ve been involved with yet.

“It’s a great line-up to see in any venue and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they manage the space.”

Entry to the Comedy Carriage will be free to all passengers. However, demand for the event is likely to be high so if you do want to reserve a seat for part of the journey could you let the virign trains twitter team @VirginTrains know using the hashtag #gicf. Virgin Trains will be giving away three pairs of tickets for the Comedy Carriage.