Glasgow Comedy Festival

Twelve Days of Christmas: Day Four

For the fourth day of Christmas, my pal gave to me...

Live Podcasts

Drunk Therapy Live at Broadcast, Soccer FM Live at Blackfriars, This Month in Drinking at Blue Dog and A History of Glasgow at The Amsterdam!


Want to avoid pointless gifts which will just gather dust? Give someone a laugh this Christmas!

We're putting together a festive guide to shows perfect for a unique gift or stocking filler. Each day will focus on a different genre to inspire your present giving!

Join James, Cheyne and Danny as they take their popular podcast Drunk Therapy to the stage for the first time at Broadcast, in support of mental health charities! With topics of chat ranging from fear of onions, getting away with murder, opening up on mental health struggles and thinking of gran during sex, the only guarantees are top entertainment, fun surprises, hilarious guests and our hosts enjoying a few drinks.

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Thursday 12 March


Hosts of hit Scottish football podcast Soccer FM will host a live recording at Blackfriars Basement for WMGICF 2020. Expect huge guests from the world of football, audience members complaining that they've not won crates of soup yet, numerous mentions of Christian Nade and previous guests potentially making an appearance.

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Blackfriars Basement

Sunday 29 March


Check out This Month In Drinking History - a comedy drink-along podcast where the comedians compete to not pick up the bar tab, coming to Blue Dog. A special cocktail is included in the price of the ticket! 

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Blue Dog

Sunday 15 March


Comedian siblings and hosts of the Doomed to Repeat It podcast bring the history of Glasgow to life with a unique tour of the Mean City at The Amsterdam. Expect fun facts, strange stories and answers to some really daft questions.

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The Amsterdam

Saturday 21 March