Glasgow Comedy Festival

Grant Gallacher - Nothing Compares To Yous

Glasgow is my adopted home. I'm originally from Greenock, being one of the lucky few that has escaped, but the city that never shuts up has been my home for almost a decade. I love this place, from the the incredible night life, the bustling shops and cafes and the multitudes of high cultural attractions, from museums to art galleries. I just so happen to work on one of the lower rungs of Glasgow's cultural ladder - the comedy scene. 

Glasgow's comedy credentials are hard to ignore, much like most of the city itself; every night of the week there's a wee gig on somewhere, and we have no shortage of big clubs or stadiums where some of the world's finest comedians strut their stuff. This year, thanks to the Glasgow International Comedy Festival, I find myself in the enviable position of being one of those comedians, though without as many (read: any) of the awards or notoriety to go along with it. 

I've done a number of shows on the comedy festival the last few years, though I've been doing comedy for around six years total, and I'm lucky enough to be putting on my very first solo show: Grant Gallacher - Nothing Compares To Yous in one of the cities best wee comedy venues, The Yesbar on Drury St. It's a brilliant wee venue for comedy, with the perfect combination of intimate size, low ceilings and plentiful alcohol that makes for a world class comedy club. 

My show's name is a homage to the Sinead O'Connor song, after I was once told that I looked like her if she'd been in a particularly nasty accident immediately following the recording of that video with the famous shaven head and single tear gracing her cheek.

The show itself is an hour of me discussing my history of love, relationships and inevitable sexual inadequacy, the latter of which I have, regrettably, too much experience of. Though it may be hard to imagine, I have convinced at least two, possibly even three, women to love me in my twenty seven years on the planet, and the show details that journey though stories, jokes and tales to warm even the coldest Scottish night, aka. All Scottish nights.

So, if you find yourself in my fair adopted home for the Glasgow Live International Comedy Festival, or were lucky enough to be a natural born Glaswegian, come along to my show on Tuesday 21st March at Yebar at 7.15pm. If you're in a happy healthy relationship, I guarantee laughter, fond recollection of your single days and the smug satisfaction of knowing your relationship is probably miles better than anything I could achieve. If you're still single like myself, I guarantee laughs, safety in numbers and the possibility of being sexually disappointed by yours truly if you have completely lost all hope. After all, misery loves company. See you then!

Grant Gallacher - Nothing Compares To Yous, Yesbar, Tuesday 21st March, 7.15pm - GET TICKETS HERE!