Glasgow Comedy Festival

Steven Davidson: Looking Back on a Life That Didn’t Happen

I have been doing stand up comedy for a long time, but what makes me happiest these days is my occasionally bizarre podcast Looking Back on a Life That Didn’t Happen, which tells a lifestory with no connection to the truth whatsover.  Not knowing what will unfold is slightly terrifying and magnificent at the same time, like stroking a shark.  

This Friday 10th March the show has its first ever live version at Liberte, and I have just finished writing the frame of the weird and wonderful life that my special guest Phil Differ (‘Comedy Genius’ – The Daily Record) will analyse with me.  I have constructed a made up journey which Phil will discuss with no clues, no prompts and no material, only his very sharp wit and brilliant improvisational mind to bring to life the ridiculous situations and moments that I have come up with.   On offer will be a masterclass in lying and those lies taking twists and turns that could go anywhere on the night.

To add to the mix, Phil will bounce off film clips and special guests, who themselves will have no idea what is going on or who they are going to be.  The guests may find themselves appearing as someone Phil has just made up.     As carefully as I put together a very daft life, everything can change in a moment if Phil’s mind takes us elsewhere.   Delving deeper into the madness that my guest has just created is part of the fun.

The comedy scene is packed with tremendous comedians performing carefully crafted material, but my joy these days is seeing people survive on their wit and imagination alone.  The laughter you will hear from a brand new line (specific to that night, never heard before and never to be heard again) is a magical thing, louder than you get from a tried and tested punchline.    Come along and see some of these moments, and take them away into the night as yours and yours alone, along with the rest of the deeply lucky crowd…

For a flavour of what to expect, previous episodes featuring guest such as Ivo Graham , Patrick Monahan and Stuart Goldsmith are available at the links below…

And for the first (and quite possibly the last) ever live version, tickets are available here or on the door subject to availability…

Come along and see the show, or live forever in a world of regret!