Glasgow Comedy Festival

Imaginary Friends Improv Advice

Hi there!

We’re Imaginary Friends! We’re not actually imaginary though, we’re real, and we’re a Glasgow-based improv comedy troupe. We have a show in the comedy festival this year, and we’d love to see you there! We rely on audience suggestions to create comedy, so we need clever people like you brainboxes reading this blog.

One of the improv games we play is called ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’. This involves a panel of so-called experts giving advice to problems posed by members of the audience. We thought that we would apply the same principles in print, and have assembled a team to answer your questions about the Glasgow International Comedy Festival.

Our panel: Doctor Psycologist is a psychologist at Generic University; Count Von Vampire hails from Derivitania; Lady Macbeth has been a Shakespeare character for over 400 years.

Q. There are just so many shows at the comedy festival! How do I pick what to see?

Doctor Psychologist: Sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming, in this case it probably pays to be prepared. Read the brochure and the website, ask your friends what they want to see, maybe you could even see some comedy with a loved one? It could just strengthen your relationship! Sharing laughter with your partner can reduce tension caused by the many stupid things you have done and/or said.

Count Von Vampire: I have to say that I disagree entirely. I would suggest first of all letting me bite you – probably in the neck – then I can drain the blood from your body and transform you into a vampiric lord of the night. That means you will be able to see comedy shows all night long! Do check the times of performances though, if you go to see matinee shows you will probably crumble to dust, so that is a potential downside if you like existing.

Lady Macbeth: Well, first of all, you’ll want to put down some tarpaulin if you have it, or old sheets if you don’t, as that should catch most of the blood. Then, once the King is good and dead, we’re going to take some of that leftover blood and smear it on the sleeping bodies of two trusted servants, so they’ll likely be ‘caught red-handed’!


Q. Is it ok to heckle during a show?

Doctor Psychologist: The urge to heckle, or to shout things at comedians, is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s a natural human response to being in a room with people having a nice time. However, you may also wish to ask yourself why you are heckling, if you think about it, you may actually be heckling yourself.

Count Von Vampire: Wrong again! Don’t listen to this guy! Heckling is cool, it’s the new zumba! In fact, here’s some heckles I prepared earlier, feel free to use them yourself!

“What is this? A show for humans?”

“This guy is a real pain in the neck! Am I riiiiight? I am a vampire.”

“You stole that joke about the deal with ATMs from my Twitter!”

Lady Macbeth: If you’re having trouble convincing your man to commit regicide for you, why not question his manhood and call him a coward? That’s sure to get his dagger stabbing! He’ll be ‘doing the deed’ before you can say “Out damned spot!”


Q. What show should I see?

Doctor Psychologist: Follow your heart!

Count Von Vampire: You can see my show at The Spooky Crypt, midnight, there’s a discount if you pre-bite your neck.

Lady Macbeth: You should see ‘Imaginary Friends: Life, Death and Improv Comedy’ at The Old Hairdressers, Renfield Lane, on Sunday 12th March at 7:30pm.