Glasgow Comedy Festival

The Glasgow International Comedy Festival has 4 key aims that are at the heart of everything that we do:

- To be accessible to everyone in the city and to improve the amenity and cultural opportunities available to the people of Glasgow.

- To boost investment in the city by attracting visitors from elsewhere in Scotland and the UK.

- To enhance the reputation of Glasgow as an exciting place to live or to visit and to promote the city as a national and international centre for the arts.

- To provide a platform for new and emerging talent in the city.

By sponsoring the Festival you will show your interest in the community both as consumers and as awesome human beings with a fantastic sense of humour. Packages can be tailored to meet your specific objectives, but can include benefits like sponsorship of specific events & performances, greater opportunities to get involved in hospitality at key festival events, and hosting exclusive events and performances for you & your clients.

If you would like to receive further information about sponsorship opportunities, don’t hesitate to email or call 0141 552 2070.